About Us

paste14We present a results-driven, unique team combining clinical, educational, research, business, financial, community and political points of views.

    • We bring physicians’ points-of-view on clinical care, quality, education and research, patient advocacy, and community orientation.
    • We have a strong track record for creating Accountable Care Organizations. We have successfully created ACOs in California and Texas.
    • Business turnaround focusing on revenue augmentation is our strength.
    • We understand health policy and political process, which influence health care.
    • We have team members who have drafted health related laws and developed regulations. We have extensive regulatory expertise.
    • Our global health and outsourcing experience provides unique strategies to achieve institutional goals.

Our Values

paste5We value honesty and integrity, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and fiscal responsibility, compassion and concern for well being of patients served by health care institutions, and recognition of cultural diversity.